Linda Valenzuela

I am Linda Valenzuela; stylist and founder of Linda Valenzuela Salon and Mia Cosmetics.

On my journey as a stylist for over 25 years I have had the joy of speaking with hundreds of women including little girls, young women, and adults. For this month, in which we recognize women, I would like to share my experience since I’ve learned that sharing my triumphs and losses is a form of empowerment.

I will begin by sharing an analogy about crabs. This of which has been a motivation in my life. The analogy is that there is a bucket full of crabs- a bucket that is easy to escape. However, they are not successful in escaping because they each sabotage one another.

A few years ago, in my own family, my grandmother sacrificed her love for her two daughters; taking them to a city where they would have an education and the possibility for a better life. My grandmother would live far away from them and she would work extra hours to be able to support them in the city. These types of sacrifices don’t need to be repetitive. In empowering my mother; this sacrifice turned into options for me and, consequently, for my daughter.

Here, I share some of my thoughts around empowerment. Empowerment is when we are completely aware of the simplest things like having the option to NOT change our last name when we marry, the choice to choose our partner and NOT allow a violent relationship, the option to NOT stop educating ourselves, or to stop working to form a family.

I want to be honest and share something with other women- DON’T wait for someone to save you in your enchanted castle. The sooner we understand and take our destiny by the reigns; we will have more satisfaction. It is not necessary to criticize another woman for not making the correct decision. Show her that she has options and that she is not alone.

We live in a world of ideologies, customs, cultural stereotypes, and political and religious ideologies. We have the option to question and choose so that they don’t limit our lives.

Let’s break chains with the options that we do have. Let’s not be like the crabs. Let’s support one another and support each other’s businesses, ideas, projects. If we do this, together, we will empower one another.