Dr. Nancy: Balance between body, soul & spirit

Dr. Nancy Gaines- Dillard, DNP-BC, is a faith-driven and visionary medical professional in the Phoenix community. Her ethnical background is African American- Cherokee and a big source of her inspiration for pursuing the field of medicine is her mother.

With a strong foundation in her home of Newark, Delaware, she took a leap of faith in moving to the Valley of the Sun with knowing only one person here. She describes her move as “divine”. Upon working in the area of Family, Trauma/Emergency Medicine in Phoenix for the past 4 years of her 25 years of experience, she felt a higher purpose in her time in Arizona. She says, “The gifts that you were born with and that you discover through life are meant to be shared”. This deep rooted value of sharing her gifts aligned with her feeling of purpose and propelled her to spread her wings and fly. 

To embark on her next chapter, Dr. Nancy stepped into the field of entrepreneurship and opened her own clinical practices.

She expressed the challenges that come with opening her own practices. Dr. Nancy shares that when facing a pitfall, it’s okay to be selfish and sometimes it’s a hard lesson to learn- the lesson is, she says, “To say no and put yourself first”. As a woman centered in her faith, she advises other women looking to step out of their comfort zone, to be still and listen to what their intuition from the universe or higher power or God is saying in order to have purposeful interactions with the people they encounter. Dr. Nancy says, “There’s levels to life and you will repeat them if you don’t do the necessary things in order to go to the next level”.

Soon after opening her practices, she started a non profit, Family Matters Health Care Foundation and Dr. Nancy’s Medical Training Academy, because she knew she wanted to be of service to others. She was among the first in the valley to administer COVID-19 testing and ensured that those seeking a COVID-19 test had access to it including veterans and people who are homeless.

From her experience of seeing so many patients come through the hospital doors where CPR could have helped them, and even saved their life; Dr. Nancy’s Medical Training Academy highly values the importance of CPR Certification Training. She says about CPR, “it’s a crucial skill to have”.

Dr. Nancy’s Medical Training Academy is another way she continues to live out her heart’s mission:, shared on her academy’s website, “to heal and educate the world one person at a time”.

Dr. Nancy radiates in speaking about working with the community and her patients to help them on their health journey. She says, “I have such a privilege to meet people in their most vulnerable state”.

She holds a special place in her heart for working with minority communities because it resonates with who she is. She says,“I come from humble beginnings as well. I could have been a statistic, but there were people around me that didn’t give up on me.” Her message is to take the time to give people hope even if it’s in the simplest form such as a smile. Dr Nancy ‘s passion for medicine, education and service expanded into starting her own radio show. She began her radio show, Dr. Nancy Knows Radio Talk Show, because she knew it would give her a larger voice and platform to share love, hope, inspiration and motivation. After all, Dr. Nancy says, “Inspiration is free.” and, because of that, we should share it more often. 

Dr. Nancy is a model of what International Women’s Day means to her. She says, “Women can do anything”. When asked what is next she says, “Sky’s the limit”. Dr. Nancy, Doctorate prepared nurse practitioner-BC, entrepreneur, radio host, mentor, demonstrates that women surely can do anything! 

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