Jane D ’Amelio

From the early age of 16-years-old, Jane D’ Amelio learned the challenging task of self-advocacy when she fought for her education by advocating for herself to earn a scholarship at a private school. It is her tenacity to go after the opportunities that she desires and her hard work that has gotten her to where she is today.

Jane D’ Amelio is the Director of Philanthropy for 4 Toyota Dealerships and one Honda through the Wilson Foundation where she has continued to build strong community relationships for the past 21 years that she’s been with the organization. Her heart and mission is rooted in service to others and the community. While a typical work day is 8am-5pm, she says if there are things happening outside of those hours or things that need her work and attention, she shows up. Jane says, “I think that’s why we’re successful because we’re always present”.

Jane’s heart for philanthropy goes beyond her role in the workplace. Her passion for giving back to others is something that she actively does in her personal life. She explains, “ To now, at this age, be able to mentor and help a child make good memories is like my healing”. D’ Amelio speaks highly of the organization she works for and the experiences it gives her.

As a word of advice to young people who face any challenges, she says, “You are not your circumstance”. She encourages young people to trust themself and go to the right people and trust the right people.

She carries her childhood experiences with her as a source to do something good for others, especially young people. She expresses, “If I’ve changed the trajectory pattern of one of these children that was me, then that’s why I’ve done everything I’ve done.” Jane works, serves and leads her efforts from her heart and it is demonstrated clearly in the young lives she positively impacts through her work in nonprofit and community.

D’Amelio is a woman who evolves and self learns as the time passes in order to continue thriving in her life and work.

From self learning through the evolution of social media to the personal responsibility she feels to help her community, she adapts to the new changes life brings. Her most heart-felt message of encouragement to other women in leadership is to go out and do something that you are not asked to do and that is outside of your position. She says, “Do it for yourself and for your community”. She encourages women to volunteer and give back to charities or people who are struggling or to something happening in their community. During the COVID-19 pandemic, D’Amelio exemplified this by cooking and delivering 20-50 meals per week to families in need.

In recognition of International Women’s Day, she describes women to be nurturers and to have a keen sense of survival. Jane D’ Amelio is a superhero in our community because she shows up and has compassion for those in our community who need help.

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